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The collaboration of major corporations with Israel in technology advancement is raising concerns and drawing attention. A critical article investigates the controversial partnerships between industry giants and the Israeli tech scene, revealing the ethical and political ramifications of supporting affiliated firms. It prompts us to consider the social responsibility of endorsing such connections that intersect technology and diplomatic ties.


Amazon To Invest $7.2 Billion In Israel, Launches Aws Cloud Region
Amazon to Invest $7.2 Billion in Israel, Launches AWS Cloud Region

Amazon’s investment of $7.2 billion in Israel as part of their expansion strategy in the region may indicate their support for technological advancements, specifically with the establishment of AWS cloud region in the country. However, for those who disagree with the company’s actions, this decision has a detrimental effect.

Link Proof: https://www.reuters.com/technology/amazon-invest-72-bln-israel-launches-aws-cloud-region-2023-08-01/


Ellison, Adelson Donate To Israeli Soldiers
Ellison, Adelson Donate to Israeli Soldiers

Michael Dell, founder of Dell, faced criticism for his sizable donations to Friends of the Israel Defense Forces despite his dedication to boosting Israel’s defense and socially responsible business practices. The large sum of money given to the Israeli military amidst regional conflict has sparked controversy.

Link Proof: https://bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-11-07/ellison-adelson-donate-to-israeli-soldiers

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Disney Plus

Disney Pledges $2 Million Donation To Humanitarian Groups In Israel
Disney Pledges $2 Million Donation to Humanitarian Groups Iin Israel

Disney’s recent $2 million donation to Israel has caused quite a stir. Many are unhappy with the CEO’s failure to address the negative impact on the Palestinian people and the actions of the Israeli military. It seems like the company didn’t take into account the harm this could cause.

Link Proof: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/disney-pledges-2-million-donation-032004758.html


Google And Amazon Workers Protest Their Companies’ $1.2 Billion Ai Contract With Israel
Google and Amazon Workers Protest Their Companies’ $1.2 Billion AI Contract with Israel

The Israeli military gave a $1.2 billion contract to Google and Amazon for cloud services. People are worried that this could lead to support of oppressive actions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and questioning the ethics of big tech companies involved in this kind of collaboration.

Link Proof: https://www.forbes.com/sites/richardnieva/2022/09/09/google-and-amazon-protest-project-nimbus-ai-contract-israel/?sh=82daf1dd1629


About Intel Israel
About Intel Israel

Intel Israel’s contributions to Intel Corporation’s growth and production are invaluable, but the company’s ventures beyond semiconductors have resulted in adverse effects. Despite its reputation as a leader in technology for data centers and cybersecurity, the consequences of its expansion cannot be ignored.

Link Proof: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/corporate-responsibility/intel-in-israel.html

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Uri Levine X' Post Supporting Israel
Uri Levine X’ Post Supporting Israel

Despite his dedication to Israeli technological development and strong Zionist beliefs, Uri Levine, a former IDF soldier, received recognition through his entrepreneurial endeavors with Waze and Moovit.

Link Proof: https://twitter.com/UriLevine1


Global Tech Giants Stand With Israel Companies And Funds Offer Support And Donations
Global Tech Giants Stand with Israel Companies and Funds Offer Support and Donations

Oracle’s decision to give monetary help to its employees in Israel, and offer an additional 10,000 shekels to those who served in the IDF, happened during a time of great unrest. This action by Oracle indicates that they empathize with their staff and acknowledge the challenges associated with local events.

Link Proof: https://www.calcalistech.com/ctechnews/article/bj8f1tfbt

We must recognize that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is supported by 7 corporations. Our shopping choices have a significant impact, so it’s essential to consider their effects. We have the power to make a difference in creating a more positive world.

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