Jitra Shopee Express: Detailed Address

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The Shopee Express facility in Jitra, plays a pivotal role in the logistical operations of Shopee Express in Malaysia. This center serves as a key player in the efficient sorting and timely delivery of packages to meet the demands of customers in the region.

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Central Location and Operational Significance

Situated at 28, Plaza Seri Tunku Jalai, Jenan, Jalan, Kampung Tok Jalai, 06000 Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia, this center, while not officially listed by Shopee Express, serves as an essential logistical hub.

Information about this center is primarily sourced from netizens on social media and Google Maps, highlighting its importance for Shopee’s operations. For a detailed view of its location on Google Maps, individuals can refer to this link, where the Sorting Centre is identified as Shopee Xpress Jitra.

Driving Efficient Delivery Strategies

The Shopee Express Jitra facility plays a crucial role in implementing and refining fast delivery strategies. Despite not being an officially recognized address, its impact on streamlining Shopee’s delivery process remains significant.

CompanyContact Details
Shopee Customer Service[email protected]
SPX Customer Service Phone+603-2777-9222

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Shopee Express Jitra

The Shopee Express facility in Jitra, Kedah, stands as a vital component of Shopee’s delivery network. Despite not being officially acknowledged, its importance in ensuring timely and efficient deliveries cannot be overstated. Its strategic location and role in the logistics chain contribute significantly to Shopee’s commitment to providing timely deliveries for its customers in the Jitra region.

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