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Encountering delays at Shopee Express’ PHG Sorting Center? This article delves into crucial details about the center’s address, contact information, operational hours, and how to navigate delays using Google Maps.

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Deciphering the Address Puzzle

Finding the exact address of the PHG Sorting Center isn’t straightforward, as Shopee Express keeps this information confidential. However, through our research on Google Maps and Facebook, we’ve discovered that PHG likely refers to Pahang, a state in Malaysia.

Tracing Potential Locations

Our investigation on Google Maps has uncovered several SPX Points and centers in Pahang. One such location, Shopee Express Jengka, is situated at NO34, Jalan BDS 2, Blok Dagangan Jengka Sejahtera, 26400 Bandar Tun Razak, Pahang, Malaysia. Access it here.

Seeking Precision

For the specific location of the PHG Sorting Center, it’s best to contact Shopee Express Customer Service directly, as they may have the exact details you’re looking for.

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Navigating Delays and Resolutions

Understanding Sorting Procedures

A package status indicating “Parcel has arrived at sorting facility: Pusat Penyortiran PHG” means it’s currently undergoing the sorting process. Once sorting is complete, the status will change to “Parcel has departed from sorting facility.”

Addressing Delays and Solutions

While sorting typically concludes within hours, occasional delays of up to a day can occur, especially during high parcel volumes, such as during promotions.

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Suggestions for Stalled Deliveries

According to @ShopeeMY Twitter CS, if your package is in the sorting queue at PHG Sorting Center, it’s advisable to wait until the expected delivery date. If the package exceeds this date, consider extending the guarantee period and contacting Customer Service via Live Chat with your tracking or order number.

Dealing with Damaged or Missing Packages

For packages still in transit and in good condition, it’s best to wait at home and extend the guarantee period. However, if the package is lost or delayed, initiate a refund request promptly. Refunds are typically credited to ShopeePay within 3 x 24 hours.

CompanyContact Details
Shopee Customer Service[email protected]
SPX Customer Service Phone+603-2777-9222

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While the precise location of the PHG Sorting Center remains undisclosed, we hope this information helps address concerns about packages stuck at the center. Continue to monitor Shopee Express SPX’s official website for the latest updates.

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