U10 Sorting Centre Shopee Express (Address & Phone Number)

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In the realm of parcel delivery logistics, understanding the inner workings of facilities like the Shopee Express U10 Sorting Centre is crucial for customers awaiting their packages. Despite the limited publicly available information, this guide aims to demystify the operations of this center and provide assistance to those whose parcels may be in transit through this facility.

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Location Details of U10 Sorting Centre

Situated discreetly in Shah Alam, Selangor, the U10 Sorting Centre operates at Jln U10/100, 40150. Though information about its operations may be sparse, individuals seeking guidance or updates on their parcels can reach out to Shopee Express Customer Service at +03-2777 9222 for assistance.

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Importance and Function of U10 Sorting Centre

At the U10 Sorting Centre, parcels undergo a meticulous sorting process crucial for their timely delivery. Upon arrival, these parcels are meticulously organized and readied for onward transportation to their respective destinations. While typically expedited within 24 hours, processing times may vary during peak periods.

CompanyContact Details
Shopee Customer Service[email protected]
SPX Customer Service Phone+603-2777-9222
U10 Sorting Centre

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Despite the limited information available, grasping the role of the U10 Sorting Centre in parcel processing can assuage worries surrounding stalled shipments. By utilizing available resources and maintaining open communication with Shopee Express Customer Service, customers can effectively navigate challenges in parcel delivery. Patience, combined with proactive measures, ensures a smoother resolution process and facilitates the timely delivery of parcels.

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