What is TikTok Career and How to Work in TikTok

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TikTok offers more than just sharing videos globally. You have the opportunity to earn a living as a TikTok seller or affiliate, or even work with them through their career program. Don’t miss out, find out more information if you’re interested.

What is a TikTok Career?

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Looking for job opportunities on TikTok? Look no further than TikTok Karir, a dedicated platform for finding career opportunities specifically on TikTok. Unlike traditional job search sites like Jobdesk and Indeed, TikTok Karir exclusively features job listings from TikTok itself. So if you’re eager to join the TikTok team, let TikTok Karir help you find the perfect position.

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How to Apply for a Job at TikTok Careers

Explore the world of TikTok careers at careers.tiktok.com. Navigate to the homepage and discover a plethora of job categories and locations to choose from.

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Select your skills here. TikTok’s work locations in Indonesia are limited to Jakarta. If you’re outside of Indonesia, you can review which cities fall under the TikTok company’s jurisdiction.

Achieve clarity with these steps:

  1. Visit careers.tiktok.com
  2. Pick Category
  3. Choose Location, Jakarta for Indonesia-based opportunities
  4. Hit Go
  5. Specify your job preference
  6. Go through the job criteria and if it suits you, tap Apply
  7. Sign up using your Linkedin account
  8. Complete the form and upload requested documents
  9. Once done, simply await an email from TikTok regarding your interview status

To my knowledge, remote or region-specific TikTok employment opportunities do not exist. Physical presence at the designated location is required for application and subsequent interviews.

Some Questions About a Career on TikTok

1. What is the Minimum Education Requirement for Applying to Work at TikTok?

Individuals who have completed their studies may submit their applications for employment without restriction, provided that the specified criteria do not specify a minimum level of education.

Regardless of whether the candidate has completed high school or junior high school, they are eligible to apply as long as they satisfy the skill and experience criteria listed in the requirements. However, if the job specifications include a minimum D3 / S1 education level, applicants who have not completed their studies will not be considered for employment.

2. Is Proficiency in English a Requirement?

Fluency in English is imperative for acing the series of interview tests. Insufficient proficiency in the language may lead to rejection and a suggestion to improve it beforehand.

3. Is the Resume Written in English?

Opt for English. As the company you are seeking employment in is global, strive to communicate solely in English.

4. Is it Possible to Intern at TikTok?

Yes, you definitely can. To apply for internships or apprenticeships, you can also check out TikTok Careers.

To participate in the internship program, it’s important to comprehend the calling procedure as it can be a lengthy process. Discover fascinating details on Bumiku.web.id, including insights on TikTok careers and how to land a job there.

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