What is TikTok Pixel? How to Set up TikTok Pixel for Your Website

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Pixel TikTok, a Javascript code installed on a website, enables seamless connection to TikTok. What’s the purpose behind this website-TikTok integration?

TikTok Pixel, a form of advertising on TikTok, can amplify traffic to your website with each ad click. Additionally, by linking your website to TikTok, you can gather valuable data about user activity, accessible via the TikTok dashboard.

Understanding the Functionality of TikTok Pixel

Once a TikTok Pixel campaign is established, the scheduled TikTok advertisements will begin appearing in users’ FYP. Every time a viewer interacts with the ad, TikTok gathers valuable information.

The information comprises the time of page view, product purchase, IP address, device type, phone brand, operating system, browser details, cookies, metadata, and button clicks. It is crucial to gather such data for enhanced user experience.

As the user encounters different events, they proceed to take appropriate action – clicking a button, visiting a new page, or the like. Their activity on the website will be displayed for observation.

The ultimate objective of TikTok Ads is to encourage users to make purchases. However, even if they don’t, their browsing behavior on your website can provide insights into the preferences and traits of potential customers.

14 Types of TikTok Pixel Events

TikTok’s Pixel Events comprises 14 distinct user actions intended to accomplish specific business objectives:

  1. Complete registration process
  2. Add payment information
  3. Add products to cart
  4. Add products to wishlist or favorites list
  5. Click button to proceed
  6. Complete payment process
  7. Contact support
  8. Download content
  9. Initiate payment
  10. Search for desired items
  11. Place order
  12. Submit form
  13. Subscribe for updates
  14. Attend events or simply view content

Tracking the activities of website users is possible by logging their actions.

Setting up TikTok Pixel for Your Website

Step 1: Sign up and Launch TikTok Ad Manager

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To gain access, use your browser to open TikTok Ads Manager and complete the registration process. Once registered, navigate to the main page and select Assets, followed by Events and Web Events.

Step 2: Begin Creating Pixels

Once you’ve accessed the web events management menu, proceed to select the option of Creating a Pixel.

Assign a title to the pixel and proceed to opt for TikTok Pixel. Then, proceed by clicking on Next.

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Step 3: Installing Pixel Code

There are multiple options for installing pixel code, either manually or automatically. The latter option involves connecting with partnered websites, like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Google Tag Manager, that work with TikTok Pixel.

If your website is not partnered with TikTok Pixel platform, it is recommended that you manually install it. To do so, follow the TikTok tutorial: choose the manually install pixel method > click next > select standard mode and click next > install or copy the pixel code that appears > then open your website. For instance, if you are using WordPress, open and select the plugin > search for the Insert Headers & Footers by WPBeginner plugin, install and activate it > go to the settings menu > search for the headers and footers menu > paste the TikTok pixel code at the top > scroll down and click save > return to your page and copy the TikTok pixel code. Next, you need to download the TikTok Pixel Helper.

Step 4: Create Your Events

Your work is not yet complete as you still need to organize events according to your business objectives. Choose wisely.

Maximize TikTok pixel for your business with ease by using a TikTok partnered platform, which automatically installs the pixel and its accompanying events for seamless integration.

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